Culturally Sensitive & Multicultural

Growing up navigating two or more cultures wasn’t easy for you and your family.

As the child of immigrant, minority, or multi-cultural family, it became your responsibility to find a balance between your family’s culture and trying to belong to your friends, career, and the society.

Feeling stuck between two or more cultures and not sure how to make sense and reconcile them? Maybe you even married someone else from your culture and you two are now realizing how your partnership is playing between cultures. Cultures we grow up in, and we try to get adjusted in really impacts us as an individual, a couple, and a family. 

My family and I immigrated from Korea to the United States when I was still very young. I became a third culture kid navigating immigrant family life. There were many cultural clashes and conflicts. Family expectations that were different from what I desired or what the western culture was preaching to me. It was a constant struggle to find my sense of balance to respect my parents and culture, but also live as an individual I desired to become. 


With so much pressure to perform, anxiety and depression is common in many minority cultures-- and it’s not talked about enough. For years, I have been working with POC/minority/multicultural individuals and families to navigate their personal lives and relationships. With the right support and guidance, you can find more understanding and life that can feel more authentic to you— no matter what kind of relationship you end up choosing to have your family, spouse, or children. It is essential to understand where you have been, where you are on how your family and culture you grew up in affected you to make a better tomorrow for you and your loved ones. 

I am not saying it will be easy, and my job is not to give you the answer -- but I will help you find the answer for yourself as we each bring our unique and shared experiences. And frankly, I would say it’s a journey worth taking. 


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