Highly Sensitive People (HSP), Empaths,
and Deep Feelers

What you feel matters.

There’s so many ways you can contribute within your relationships and communities.

You desire to live deeply and be connected.

‘However, sometimes… others say that you feel “too much” or “too deeply” about the world. Your family’s, friend’s. And other people’s pain. You take things more personally than you would like to admit — Often feeling “sensitive” or “highly empathetic.” 

You might have a hard time dealing with overstimulating situations due to bright lights, loud noises, certain odor, and/or other sensory related discomforts. This leads you to blame yourself, thinking 'Why can't I just enjoy [sun light, scary movies, or ride the roller coasters] like everyone else?'

You are constantly finding yourself wanting more connection and meaning. Shallow relationships just don’t cut it for you. 

You end up in the  role as a care-taker for others’ emotions. Like a sponge, you feel other people’s feelings.. So you do your best to please people around you. You know how to put a best face on to take care of others even when you don’t feel that way. Most days, you feel like you can make it. But after awhile, you start to feel misunderstood or unappreciated. You avoid conflict at all cost… so you opt out of bringing your concerns up. The resentment only grows.  

Anxiety creeps in… before you know it, you’re burnt out. The excitement you felt about your work, relationships, or life is no longer there. Now your days feel like they are just passing by and you are just hanging on. It’s like there’s nothing left for you to give to others, or to yourself. And you start to blame yourself, “what is wrong with me?”

Your Sensitivity, empathy, and ability to feel deeply are actually gifts...


If you are resonating with my message, you probably are a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), empath, or a deep feeler. According to Dr. Elain Aron’s research, there’s about 15 - 20% of us in the world. This trait is found both in men and women equally. You may not feel this way now, but it’s actually an amazing gift to be a highly sensitive person. Many HSPs are also highly intuitive or creative.You know just what's needed to make a room more comfortable. And you are often an excellent problem solver. However, navigating this non-sensitive world as a sensitive/ highly empathetic/deep feeler person  is difficult. If you have anxiety, depression, or emotional wounds, it can really hold you back from recognizing the gifts you have and use them to full potential.

I’ve been where you are.

Being an HSP myself, I have been there and I know how hard it can be. Growing up as a highly sensitive child was not easy. I remember feeling my  emotions deeply and in ways I did not know how to describe. I knew I was different from my family and other children at school..  couldn't help but take everything personally.  Growing up, my family environment wasn’t always emotionally stable.  Therefore, as a child, I tried to make everything okay for my family. I often carried my family’s and friend’s burdens as my own. As a result, I  ended up feeling unsatisfied and unappreciated despite all the effort I put into these relationships. I questioning myself and if there was something wrong with me.

There’s nothing wrong with you. 


In my early 20’s, I finally learned that I was a highly sensitive person, and that I wasn’t alone in this journey. Since then, I’ve gained so much knowledge about being an HSP, and changed how I approach my life and relationships. I was able to gain a better image of who I am, create more fulfilling relationships, and not take on all the world’s issues as my own. And now my life is filled with compassion, gratitude, and appreciation. It was all because I took the time to learn, accept, embrace, and have the courage to  be who I am as a highly sensitive person.

It is because of my experience that I have dedicated myself to working with other Highly Sensitive People in my therapy practice. I have helped many highly sensitive children and adults to achieve similar results as myself. I can support and guide you through the journey as you gain more understanding of the HSP traits, and creating healthier relationships with others and yourself. You will learn what it means to be a highly sensitive person, and learn to recognize and manage difficult emotions with self-compassion. You’ll gain confidence in setting healthy boundaries with yourself and people around you. 

Explore your gifts today

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